PHPMailer Inbox [ Full-Featured ]
Full title PHPMailer Inbox [ Full-Featured ]
Date add 14-07-24
Platform PHP 
Price 15

We Sell Link PhpMailer Already Upload on server [ Please attention this not script mailer ]

PHPMailer Inbox All Domain Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo..ect  [ Please attention [Setup with smtp is not required ]

Using PHPMailer, we can easy send three types of email:  plain text email / HTML email / email with attachments

Sending 10.000/Per Day


PHPMailer most popular code for sending email from PHP!
Integrated SMTP support – send without a local mail server
Send emails with multiple To, CC, BCC and Reply-to addresses
Multipart/alternative emails for mail clients that do not read HTML email
Add attachments, including inline
Support for UTF-8 content and 8bit, base64, binary, and quoted-printable encodings
SMTP authentication with LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5, and XOAUTH2 mechanisms over SSL and SMTP+STARTTLS transports
Validates email addresses automatically
Protect against header injection attacks
Error messages in over 50 languages!
DKIM and S/MIME signing support
Much more!

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