F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions about the Z0n3.today


What are support staff working hours and when do i get a reply on my ticket?

Support staff working hours are:

* from Monday to Friday from 08:00 UTC+3 to 23:00 UTC+3
* Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 UTC+3 to 22:00 UTC+3

Average support answer time: from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on your problem.
Please be patient and do not create multiple tickets for the same order/problem.
Thank you.


Why you should Register account ?
Z0n3.today registered users have some benefits over anonymous users.
Register to our service is completely free and easy to use. If you register on the project, you will have access to all the features of the project and the secret area. Z0n3.today is your new friend who will help you get good Tools & sofwares day by day


How to become a member of the Z0n3.today?
Visit http://z0n3.today/register/
1) For username please use only English letters, digits or underscores. Username’s length must be between 4 to 12 symbols.
2) Make sure to specify correct First name and Last name, you wouldn’t be able to edit them after registration takes place without support assistance.
3) Make sure that your e-mail address is also valid because without proper e-mail address you wouldn’t be able to complete the registration.
4) Click on “Create New account” button.
5) In the link you will need to click on “Log-in” button, next form will ask your for a password, you will need to specify a strong password (there will be a tip what your password should look like).
6) Registration is finished!


How do I publish my Tools & softwares?
If you registered user: Please login or register on Z0n3.today Click [ add Tools & softwares ] in the head of the site when you logged in. Fill the form on the page and press Submit. That’s all. After that our Administration check your material and publish it. If there will be any questions – we ask you.
If you not registered: please send you Tools & softwares on support mail [email protected] Z0n3.today and read rules. If you not respect rules , we not publish your material!

We will NOT accept, process, or post any Tools/softwares which are not working or not private

To speed up your submission, please follow these simple guidelines:

1) Send Tools/softwares per email, with the email subject as the Tools/softwares Title. 2) Send your Description Include a link tutorial if possible.
3) Send your Detail Information Tools/softwares as a file attachment (.zip, .tgz, .gz, .rar, .c, .py, .txt, .pl, .html, etc).
4) Price + Select Category + Select Platform + Risk . 

If you send Tools/Softwares with the price more than 0, administration check Tools/Softwares and approves a reasonable price for the material (if we do not agree with the price we will contact you and we shall discuss the price), after which the Tools/Softwares will be published

How can I benefit by sending you my Tools/Softwares ?

The Z0n3.today provides you with many benefits. In my shop , you can publish the Tools/Softwares completely free of charge (that means no gold is required). However, gold is required and used to open the hidden Tools/Softwares that are not available to those who have no gold. Before publishing your Tools/Softwares you can specify if your Tools/Softwares will be free-to-view or gold-to-view (you can set a reasonable price if you select gold). Every Tools/Softwares is checked by the Administration of 0day.today and then published. However, if the vulnerability you send is fake, the Administration will ban your account. If your material is being sold for gold, solely you will receive the gold from the sales.


Why my Tools/Softwares was not published?
If you submit Tools/Softwares, and did not read the rules F.A.Q: How do I publish my Tools/Softwares? , we will not publish your Tools/Softwares. Please fill in as much as possible to speed up the verification.

What happens if researchers submit fake Tools/Softwares?

We will block your account and will not take your Tools/Softwares in the future.


What is Z0n3.today Gold?
Z0n3.today is the currency of Z0n3.today project. It used for paying for the services, buying Tools/Softwares , earning money, etc. To get Gold read F.A.Q. chapters:

1) How to buy Z0n3.today Gold?

How I can fund my account? Go to the payment page

2) How to earn Z0n3.today Gold?

To earn Z0n3.today  you can:
Sell Tools/Softwares
Help with us sharing Tools/Softwares Free
New ways to earn Gold will be avaliable soon.


How to buy Tools & softwares? How to open Tools & softwares?

How I can buy private Tools & softwares ?

Each material has a field – :: GOLD. It has two types. FREE or GOLD
Every public Tools & softwares has no price. You can open it just clicking on Open button on decription page.
Every private Tools & softwares has it price. You can see it price on description page in [ price ] block.

There are two ways to buy required Tools & softwares: Registered members

As Registered Z0n3.today members

1) Check your balance in the top of the page, when you are logged in. You need to have no less than price of Tools & softwares, which you want to buy.
2) Click on Buy button to buy required Tools & softwares .
If you don’t have the required amount of Gold you can buy Gold or earn Gold
How I can fund my account? Go to the payment page

As Registered Z0n3.today V.IP members . We have 3 V.I.P Plan members

  • V.I.P Plan 7 Day : $50
  • V.I.P Plan 15 Day : $90
  • V.I.P Plan 30 Day : $150

When you sign up for the V.I.P member Plan , you will receive FREE Tools & Software on our database, with up to 10 products per Category


How I can take the gold out of the system and get real money?
To take the gold out of the system, click to withdraw then choice Pm or BTC and send request . Please contact our support, Administration will check and sent money to your account In this case you receive 90% of your balance Minimal summ to take out of the system is 2000 Gold.